Healthy Halloween treats? Is it possible?

Healthy Halloween treats? Is it possible?


Halloween, a dental and hyperglycaemic nightmare for most parents.

Back in the day I’d traipse around our neighbourhood asking neighbours to “Help the Halloween Party”.

Oranges, shelled peanuts, the odd chocolate bar or sweet, that was our lot. We always knew the house that gave the sweets. THE house.

Nowadays my children do something else “Trick or Treating” they call it. Whereby they help our neighbours to dispose of all the cheap, hard horrible “candy” that’s hanging around their kitchen.

In fairness some households go to a lot of trouble for this occasion, they actually prepare mini bags of stuff. That’s a bag of junk from knocking on just one door.

Last year my children had to go home – get this – because they could not carry the Trick or treat bags anymore. The bags were too heavy.

So here’s a nice healthy and fun recipe for your children to eat between sugar snacks this Halloween.

What you need; a mango, redcurrants  (raisins or dried cranberries will do), a blender and silicone mould (I bought mine in one of those discount Euro stores).

  • Peal, dice and puree the mango, enjoy the moisturising effect that mango juice has on your hands!
  • Have your silicone mould to hand
  •  Pop one red currant in each of the eye sockets
  •  Pour the mango puree in to the moulds, taking care not to dislodge the “eyes”

Here he is, the frozen skeleton – just don’t tell your kids how healthy he is!!!!!




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