Wimpy Nights

Wimpy Nights


Another sleepless one.

My little lady is still itchy. Chicken pox sores can get itchier as they scab over and heal. On top of it she has a bad chest. Autumn seems to aggravate her asthma.

So it was an itchy scratchy coughy night.

She was restless and full of chat. A full audit of all scabs was conducted at 1 am. Detailed status updates of each chicken pox scab were divulged. If it were a subject it would be called “scab evolution”; one which documents the changes in size, itchiness and attachment of each scab.

Estimated scab falling off dates were given. “That one is half attached, I think it will fall off tomorrow” she pointed to one on her neck.

By 2am I’d found the bottle of medicine to help with the itch, only a few drops left. I gave her the inhalers to open up the airways and stop the coughing. All was quiet. Until

“Mam, I can’t sleep”

“I know love, the itch and the coughing will stop soon”

“No, not that”


“There’s a man in the room. An old man with a stick. Right over there”

And with that she nodded off leaving me feeling wimpier than ever with the bejaysus scared out of me..



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