The backlash against Ryan Gosling

The backlash against Ryan Gosling


In his acceptance speech at the Golden globes Ryan Gosling gave tribute to his “lady”, Eva Mendes.

It wasn’t a pretty image that Mr Gosling presented us with. He described how he was out “singing and dancing” while his wife was at home raising their daughter and pregnant.

Is it just me or was he brave to admit?

Narjas Zatat wrote in the British online edition of The Independent that Ryan Gosling’s remarks were sexist.

Eva Mendes, by “putting her career on the back burner for the sake of her husband’s” reflects the “structural inequality” of the workplace.

Perhaps there was a hint of the “behind every great man” about Gosling’s speech.

I think we are all weary of hearing this argument. Mainly because it does a disservice to both men and women. 

The counter argument of course is that women have always been the ones to take on the more nurturing roles. But the notion that women are better carers is sexist. Sexual stereotyping is not good for either gender.

Eva Mendes wasn’t on the stage to speak for herself. We don’t really know what motivated her to make the career choices she made.

There could be truth in the idea that she put her career on hold so that Gosling could “further his own career” as suggested in The Independent.

I would like to suggest an alternative truth however. Could it be that Eva Mendes is not a victim of domestic inequality or sexism?

During the debate on sexual inequality some very important people have been forgotten.

The children.

Maybe Eve Mendez sacrificed her career not for her husband but for the benefit of her children.

Another bold suggestion. Maybe she did it for herself, because parenting your own children is the most rewarding and empowering experience that life can offer.

Maybe the real loser after all is Mr Gosling. The man who gave up the opportunity to raise his own children in favour of a “singing and dancing” career.


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