What has scientific research ever done for us?  I really loved writing this article, so special to describe some of my experiences and those of my colleagues working in scientific research.

LIDL sponsoring women in sport – Discount stores single women out for special treatment, but is this the type of support women need?

The new gender gap – Depictions of men, especially fathers in mainstream media are often derogatory. It’s no longer politically correct to demean women but are men fair game?

Volunteering with Sick children in Temple Street – this one was a pleasure to write, after two years working in the playroom in Temple street I was bursting to write about the inspirational stories and people I had the pleasure of seeing, especially the children.

Ireland’s abortion Laws, Miss X, Miss Y and Miss z – the plight of Miss Y prompted me to write this article. A refugee and rape victim who arrived in Ireland in 2014 and was, in my opinion treated deplorably by the HSE. This story moved me and I often think of Miss Y and Miss X.

The Book Man – I passed this homeless man every day for year before I plucked up the courage to sit down beside him and ask him about his life. He is a gentleman and please be kind to homeless people, always.

Breast is not best, breast is normal – I get so annoyed when I see signs in public places advising nursing Mothers to ask for a quiet room/place to feed. The best way to normalise breast feeding is to stop hiding it. It’s not hippy or special, it’s what they’re for.

The HPV vaccine- friend or foe? –  a very difficult article for me to write, since I am a scientist and believe strongly in vaccination. I don’t believe however, that the families who claim their daughters were damaged by this vaccine should be be vilified or dismissed.